BMW X-Drive Front LSD Differential

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Nov 7, 2016
Toledo Ohio
And now things just got even more interesting.

That means that there is a cross over date for auto's likely. Usually they go from bolted to welded (its cheaper to weld them) rather than from welded to bolted.

Do you know exactly what vehicle that came out of and what the build date was?

At a minimum this makes me wonder if the auto guys could source a bolted front diff for them selves and then swap to the LSD carrier and then no one has to have gears made.
I dont know what exact vehicle this came out of. I wish I did. My friend bought an engine to swap into his car and it came with this attached. After the engine was delivered the seller got shady and wouldn't answer questions. It was super easy for me to acquire this bolted diff tho haha. Being the person who sent in the first diff that was welded, and now this one which is bolted, it's almost 50/50 :tearsofjoy: I wonder what's on my car currently


New Member
Oct 4, 2019
Hello, google just showed me this thread when I was looking for front diff info. You can ask because they have rally car which is build 4x4 using e83 transmission. I am surre they have LSD in front diff.

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